Movie Review - Bombay Velvet

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Movie Review - Bombay Velvet 
Star Cast - Ranbir Kapoor , Anushka Sharma , Karan Johar
Director - Anurag Kashyap 

Rating - 1.5/5

We have seen brilliant movies of Anurag Kashyap whether it is Wassapur or Girl in Yellow Boots .  He is known for his brilliant work and now he is back with his upcomming and the most awaited movie " Bombay Velvet " with Ranbir Kapoor , Anushka Sharma and Karan Johar. Movie is set in the 60s in a city Bombay. 

Balraj (Ranbir Kapoor) enters the bad city with his  mother and starts learning the ways of the street .  Anushka Sharma is playing the character of Rosie in the fillm who is a musician from goa .  She went to Bombay and then she does a hot  photoshoot and becomes a part-time bar singer. 

Bajraj is already started his street fighting and smuggling , Balraj and Rosie meets in a bar and then all the romance started between them.  Karan Johar is playing the role of the strong business person , Kaizad Khambatta who is also a land-dealer. He is a villainious and dirty minded who even pimps out his wife to his opponents to trap them in a compromising position.

First half of the movie is very fast It is difficult to understand what's going on for the audience to keep the track . Screenplay of the movie is very weak. Romantic story of Balraj and Rosie are also looks incomplete as it was not well written at all. Second half of the movie dissapoints more . If we compare from Anurag Kashyap previous movies , the direction of this film is not up to the mark.

We were expecting great cinema from Anurag Kashyap as "Bombay Velvet " is the most awaited film of the year. But all we got is disappointment from the makers.
Ranbir Kapoor has done average acting  he has to put lots of efforts to come out from his romantic hero image. After watching his acting in movies like Barfi our expectation was high but the performance of Ranbir was very average. 

Anushka Sharma's acting in the film is decent , her presence in the film is splendid ! Karan Johar as business tycon is mindblowing . We were surprised by Karan Johar's acting skills. Well done Karan Johar !!
Music of the film is given by Amit Trivedi are average , Apart from Fifi song all other songs are very average.

Final Verdict - On the whole, BOMBAY VELVET is all gloss no substance. Skip it.

Rating - ( 1.5/5)
On the whole, BOMBAY VELVET is all gloss no substance. Skip it.
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