Movie Review - FAN

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Movie Review - FAN

Star Cast - Shah Rukh Khan 

Director - Maneesh Sharma 

Rating - 4/5

Finally the most awaited film of Shah Rukh Khan released today. Shah Rukh Khan is playing double role in the film , Superstar Aryan and his die hard fan , Gaurav.

Story of the film revolves around Gaurav who is the biggest fan of Superstar Aryan. He is very fond of Aryan and always want to look like him. Gaurav  has an obsession to his Superstar Aryan . His dream is to meet Aryan.

Gaurav arrives to Mumbai and meets Aryan , His obsession turns to enmity and how he becomes the biggest enemy of Aryan. For all answers watch FAN !

Let's talk about performances :

Shah Rukh Khan is known for his brilliant acting , in this film he has given extraordinary performance. He played both the character of Superstar and his fan with so much ease. FANTASTIC !

The direction by Maneesh Sharma is good , to put it simply. His vision and the scale of the film is outstanding . First part of the film is extra ordinary and in second part of the film looks boring in some parts but it will not disappoint you. Climax of the film is fantastic !

Final Verdict - Watch ' FAN ' for Shah Rukh Khan's Brilliant Performance !

Rating - ( 4/5)
Watch ' FAN ' for Shah Rukh Khan's Brilliant Performance !
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