Movie Review - Mohenjo Daro

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Directed By - Ashutosh Gowariker 
Produced By - Siddharth Roy Kapur & Sunita Gowariker 
Story & Screenplay - Ashutosh Gowariker 
Music - A. R. Rehman 
Duration - 150 Minutes 
Starring - Hrithik Roshan , Pooja Hegde, Kabir Bedi, Arunoday Singh & Narendra Jha 

Rating - 4/5 Stars

Director Ashutosh Gowariker's much awaited " Mohenjo Daro " is an epic adventure - romance film, which is set in 2600 BC at the height of the Indus Valley Civilisation. The film revolves around the story of young Indigo farmer Sarman ( Hrithik Roshan ), who resides with his uncle close to the areas of Mohenjo Daro and travels to the great city. During a street mishap he saves the life of a beautiful woman named Chaani ( Pooja Hegde ) , a high status woman and the daughter of the priest (Manish Choudhary ) he falls in love with Chaani but Sarman soon falls afoul of the politician Maham ( Kabir Bedi ) & his son Moonja ( Arunoday Singh ) who are seizing power & starting to rule Mohenjo Daro as an empire. To win Chaani's love , Sarman must defeat Maham & rouse the people to save their city.. what happens next forms the crux of the story. 

Hats off to Director Ashutosh Gowariker , he has done extensive research to develope its script for 3 years & worked with world's top 7 Archaeologists. Ashutosh penned the amazing screenplay with engaging fictional story. His hard work visible in each frame. Brilliant. first half is gripping and bit slow but in second half the amazing fight scene is one of the best fight scenes filmed at recent times in Bollywood. Climax of the film wraps nicely. C. K. Muraleedharan's cinematography is one of Mohenjo Daro's key strengths, specially fight sequence camera captures gloriously, making you feel like you're right out there where the action is. Film's music score is composed by A.R. Rahman, is not type that you take to instantly but yes tracks like " Tu Hai " & " Sindhu Maa " are attracted listeners attention. 

Let's talk about Performance - 

Hrithik brings his muscular presence & charismatic personality to make the role his own. As Sarman he delivers a career best performance , I cannot think of any other actor who could play this better. As Chaani ,sometimes feisty, sometimes graceful leading lady.

Pooja Hegde is wonderfully restrained and uses her eyes expertly to communicate so much. making this one of her finest outings on screen. Kabir Bedi makes a lasting impression as Maham, besides Hrithik & Pooja , Kabir delivered brilliant performance. 

Final Verdict - Mohenjo Daro is a masterpiece which will be celebrated for years to come.

Review By - Ashish Singh 

Rating - ( 4/5)
Final Verdict - Mohenjo Daro is a masterpiece which will be celebrated for years to come.
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