Movie Review - Parched

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Directed By - Leena Yadav Produced By - Ajay Devgn
Written By - Leena Yadav
Music - Hitesh Sonik
Duration - 117 minutes
 Starring - Tannishtha Chatterjee , Radhika Apte, Surveen Chawla, Sumit Vyas , Adil Hussain & Lehar Khan 

Rating - 4/5

 Director & Writer Leena Yadav's Parched set in slightly fictionalised world..
At 32, Rani (Tannishtha Chatterjee) has been a widow for half her life, and is mortgaging her future to pay for a dowry and wedding so her son, Gulab (Riddhi Sen), can have a beautiful wife: Janaki (Lehar Khan), a young girl from a neighboring village. Gulab is busy falling in with the wrong crowd, a group of young men in the village who fear the changes in the village's women that will come with progress—like education and access to resources—but are mostly interested in whores, booze, and growing into the shoes their fathers left behind. Rani's best friend is Lajjo (Radhika Apte), who desperately wishes for a child but can't conceive and is battered nightly by her alcoholic husband Manoj (Mahesh Balraj). Lajjo is also a skilled seamstress, and she and Rani, along with other women, work for a local entrepreneur Kishan (Sumeet Vyas) and are saving for the village to finally get a satellite and television—their first real connection to the outside world. The two women are friends with Bijli (Surveen Chawla ) in a particularly strong performance), a dancer in a touring troupe who performs erotic dances nightly to cheering crowds of men, and also entertains clients made weak by desire. 
The women live in a tightly controlled world, hemmed in by tradition, but in their private spaces they talk about love and their dreams for the future. Life seems like an unending cycle of hardship punctuated by small bits of happiness. But it all breaks down. On the day of her son's marriage, Rani discovers that Janaki's hair has been cut off, dishonoring her in her village. Manoj's brutality towards Lajjo grows more fierce. Bijli finds out a new girl might replace her... Rest is forms the crux of the film..

Leena Yadav's intense script crafting a sharp portrait of gender inequality..  Yadav conveys the twisted link between the men’s cruelty and the women’s instinctual impulse to blame themselves, and each other, for their own mistreatment. In that way, “Parched” taps into the way intolerance gains enduring, systemic traction and the difficulty of breaking free of its grasp, no matter the various methods of escape that manifest themselves. Although the agents of deliverance that do appear initially come across as narrative devices that will easily rectify the characters’ problems, Yadav’s script avoids simplistic solutions, and relegating its protagonists to downtrodden maidens in need of heaven-sent saviors.
Oscar winning cinematographer Russel Carpenter ( Titanic ) burnishes the ocher & orange hues of the Rajasthan desert locations to a subtle glow.
Hitesh sonik's music is quite good..

Lets talk about performance -

At the heart of the film stands Tannishtha Chatterjee , she takes giant strides and surrenders herself completely to the director's vision & delivers marvellous performance.
Radhika Apte win your hearts with power packed magnificent performance.. Specially in breif tender scene between she & Tannishtha , a rare shot in Bollywood..
Surveen Chavla bring her self into a new zone, put in a lot of effort and has done brilliant performance.
Sumit Vyas , Riddhi Sen & Lehar Khan does justice to their characters in the film..

Final Verdict - Parched is vibrantly alive & well crafted dark topic.

Review By - Ashish Singh 

Rating - ( 4/5)
Final Verdict - Parched is vibrantly alive & well crafted dark topic.
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