Movie Review - Shivaay

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Directed By - Ajay Devgn
Produced By - Ajay Devgn
Written By - Sandeep Shrivastava & Robin Bhatt ( Screenplay )
Story By - Ajay Devgn
Music - Mithoon
Cinematography - Aseem Bajaj
Duration - 173 minutes
Starring - Ajay Devgn, Erika Kaar, Vir Das, Abigail Eames

The most anticipated film of the year & dream project of Ajay Devgn is an world class action thriller film that revolves around the story of an innocent Himalayan mountaineer Shivaay ( Ajay Devgn ).. Shivaay meets a pretty Bulgarian tourist ( Erika Kaar ) on a trek through treacherous terrain. They flirt, they copulate, they part. In between they have a child ( Abigail Eanes ), who's a tyke performing artist , she gets kidnapped & after incident Shivaay pulverised everything in protect of his girl..  The film is  all about..

Without doubt Ajay Devgn raised the bar for the action in Indian Cinema.. He is an excellent director.. Technically this i s a world class movie. Right from the action set pieces to the camera work.. Brilliant..
Technical department of the film is very slick and the film entertain you thoroughly.. Every action scene will keep you on the every edge but climax of the film is high voltage drama.

Music of the film composed  by Mithoon & already chartbuster and popular  songs like " Bolo Har Har " & " Darkhaast " are attracted listeners attention.
Film starts slow but what a gripping first half.. Outstanding.. First half has everything in it.. Love, family , adventure & emotions.
Lets talk about performance -

At the heart of the film stands Ajay Devgn , he takes giant strides and surrenders himself completely to his own vision & delivers marvellous performance.
Erika Kar win your hearts with power packed magnificent performance.. Specially in emotional scene between he & Ajay..
Debutant Sayesha Sehgal put in a lot of effort and has done brilliant performance.
Vir Das , Girish Karnad & Saurabh Shukla does justice to their characters in the film..

Final Verdict - Watch it for amazing visuals, breathtaking stunts & heart warming emotional story.

( Review By - Ashish Singh )

Rating - ( 4/5)
Final Verdict - Watch it for amazing visuals, breathtaking stunts & heart warming emotional story.
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