Movie Review - Zid

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Movie Review -  Zid
Release Date - 28th November
Produced By -  Anubhav Sinha and Mushtaq Shiekh
Star Cast: Mannara, Karanvir Sharma and Shraddha Das

Rating - 4 /5

If suspense thriller is your genre, then Zid is the movie for you. The film starring newcomers – Mannara, Karanvir and Shraddha Das is situated in Goa. While Mannara plays a nurse, Karanvir is a crime journalist.
The film starts with Karanvir arriving in Goa. A friend who also owns a printing press puts him up in an old bungalow. It’s for this friend of his that Karanvir works as a crime journalist. Just as Karanvir settles down in Goa, he meets Mannara, who resides in a bungalow next to his. The two meet and there is an instant connect. While for Karanvir it is just a casual fling, Mannara is seen falling in love and even obsessing about him. Things start getting out of hand when the two get involved in a hit-and-run case. Karanvir let’s Mannara take control of the situation not realizing that he is giving control of his life. Soon enough, the Goan police led by Moses smell a rat and find out that what looked like an accident at the face of it all, was much more than that. Just when things couldn’t get worse for Karanvir’s character, the victim’s sister (Shraddha Das) arrives. Karanvir tries to tell Shraddha that her sister died because of him but before her could confess up to her, he falls in love with her.
What follows is a game of cat and mouse. While police inspector Moses suspects Karanvir and Mannara to be involved in the hit and run case, Mannara suspects Karanvir for cheating on her, for another women. Karanvir, who has fallen in love with Shraddha does not know that he is embroiling her into deeper trouble. As the film reaches its climax, more secrets come out of the closet. The hit-and-run case becomes more complicated and relationships between the characters start becoming more interesting. By the time the film ends, you would have chewed more than a few nails off your fingertips!

Zid is an out an out entertainer and comes as a surprise package. With the year coming to a close, one can safely say that this film is the best of its genre. It has all the twists and turns that one would expect (and a few more) from a suspense thriller! The strong point of the film is its well-crafted screenplay and strong performances by the young debutants. Out of the three newcomers, Mannara stands out. She has delivered a stellar performance in her first film, much like her elder sister Priyanka had in her debut outing.
Music by Sharib-Toshi is a stand out and possibly has the best compilation of songs that we have heard this year. In the times of remakes and lift offs, the producers of Zid – Anubhav Sinha and Mushtaq Shiekh have done exceedingly well to come out with a film that has an original, engrossing story.
Final Verdict - Watch this film for its edge of the seat thrill, great music and most of all watch it for a star in the making – Mannara Handa!

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