Shah Rukh Khan Reveals How His Friendship With Salman Khan Started

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Yesterday marked a special day for all the Salman Khan fans as their favourite superstar turned a year ‘younger’. Yes, it was Salman Khan’s birthday yesterday and was the day of happiness and celebrations. The star launched an application which enables his fans to be in touch with his personal side and professional commitments, and also threw a huge bash for his friends and family, at his Panvel farmhouse. However, the highlight of the day was when Shah Rukh Khan opened about his friendship with Salman, at an event.

Shah Rukh revealed some unknown facts about their friendship.

On being asked as to when did they become friends, the Baadshah of Bollywood said, “I didn’t know Salman at all back then. I can’t even remember when we became friends. I don’t have an idea now that you are asking me about him, and I’m trying to remember how we became friends. I think that’s what friendship is about. You don’t know where, when and how it starts. And if you don’t know when it starts, it means it will never end.”

“Now that you’ve asked me, I can tell you one thing. ‘Karan Arjun’ was the time when we started spending a lot of time together. We were with each other the whole day and spent time together. We kind of hit it off from the very beginning. It also stems from the fact that, for me, he has always been someone who I would respect because I have been, in a way, brought up by his family when I was new to this city. So, I can never think of him as a colleague. He is a friend, a very dear friend,” he added further.

Well, though their friendship hit a rough patch in between, they are back on track and have the thickest of relations now. We wish them a long lasting friendship, the ‘Karan Arjun’ of B-town.


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